Cody Raul Cardenas is an early career researcher and myrmecologist, a biologist who studies ants. He is primarily interested in taxonomy, yet fascinated by co-evolutionary questions. Cody has taken a unique road to higher education after dropping out college at 18, and starting community college at 22. He then transferred to The Ohio State University to complete his Bachelor of Agriculture in Entomology with minor studies in Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology.

Cody is currently working on a Master of Sciences at The Ohio State University Department of Evolution Ecology and Organismal Biology. He is finishing a taxonomic project he started as an undergraduate on the fungus-growing ant genus Trachymyrmex. This project directed his attention and interests to their nest associates, the Diapriidae parasitoid wasps.

Cody has a deep appreciation for increasing the inclusiveness of under-represented groups in STEM fields. As a part of this he currently is the Webmaster of the OSU's SACNAS chapter. SACNAS is dedicated to fostering the development of Chicano/Hispanic and Native Americans in STEM fields.